The PDF file link below gives the Type Numbers of all aircraft designed by A.V.Roe, A.V.Roe & Co., Hawker Siddeley Manchester or BAE Systems Manchester. This commenced with Roe’s first design, known as the Roe 1 Biplane and ends with the final new project design at Woodford in 1999. After his first few machines, during which time he started to use a letter sequence, he adopted a new series starting at Type 500 which Roe felt was more impressive than starting at Type 1 – image mattered!

The numerical series ran unbroken up to Type 784, at which point the Company became more closely integrated within the Hawker Siddeley Group. The Group rationalised the system of designating new designs at the various Design Offices within the Group and the Manchester office re-commenced at Type 800, leaving a gap of sixteen unused numbers.
We believe this to be the most comprehensive listing to be published, however a number of projects remain undetermined as no further data other than the original basic list released by the Company has come to light.

Where possible, basic details such as power plant, overall dimensions and All Up Weight (A.U.W.) have been included in order to give the reader a feel for the nature of the project. It should be pointed out that in the case of tail wheel aircraft the height dimension is with ‘tail down’. In the case of designs that were actually built, an attempt has been made to include the number produced, although this alone has proved difficult because of conversions, re-works and license production.

Many projects inevitably took a variety of forms, and where they remained as such an attempt has been made to show the final version. Sadly, even after years of searching very little has come to light on some projects, not the least because of the disastrous fire at Chadderton in 1959 and a few years later, the surviving pre-war project data held by the Initial Projects Department was destroyed.
Avro Type List
Roe 1 to Type 600
 Type 602 to 862
Avro Types